About the Plant

Terehovskiy concrete product plant is located 80 km far from Vladivostok. The place for the plant construction was not chosen accidentally: the only open-cast of porous basaltic andesites in the Far East is located nearby.

Basaltic andesite is lightweight and coherent volcanogenic rock. This is environmentally friendly natural material characterized by low heat conductivity and water absorption coefficients. Houses constructed from basaltic andesite blocks are warm; the material does not absorb moisture – fungi and moulds do not appear on the walls ever that is critically important in conditions of wet climate of the Primorsky region.

Principal activity of the enterprise is the production of basaltic andesite wall blocks (with and without insulant) for high-rise and low-rise construction, partition blocks, ventilation blocks, kerb, and flagstone.

Terehovskiy ZBI (concrete product plant) does not manufacture blocks made of ash and breeze (breeze blocks), sand (cement blocks), quarry and ballast stone siftings, and similar materials – our products are manufactured from basaltic andesite from the own open-cast only.

Products are made by semidry vibration compaction using fully automated Finnish line providing for strict geometrical arrangement and high strength. Compliance with all technology based standards is thoroughly controlled at the Plant. Upon the output, all products harden in the special chamber for preliminary maturing. The Plant’s capacity is 100,000 m3 wall blocks per year.

In 2009, the Quality Management System ISO-9001 was introduced at the Plant. In-house certified testing laboratory functions controlling each lot released from the manufacturing line and issuing the lot quality certificate.

The Plant’s products are multiple winners of competitions “The Best Product of Primorye” and "100 Best Products of Russia".

Terehovskiy ZBI holds strong positions at the market of construction materials of the Primorsky region. In addition, supplies are carried out to Khabarovsk, Kamchatka, and Sakhalin regions.


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