Attention! Unconscientious developers

In order to save money, some developers arbitrarily replace the wall blocks provided by the project with cheaper ones of doubtful origin. As a rule, such blocks are made by obsolete technique using low-quality materials. Such blocks are not tested appropriately; certificates of conformity are unavailable. The consequences of the use of such construction materials in buildings are usually deplorable.


At that, the developers declare the use of project blocks in their objects denying the fact of substitution.

More details on the consequences of the use of low-quality wall blocks






Attention! Unconscientious manufacturers

Orient Plant, P.Razdolnoye.

This Plant indicates in its promotional materials that it produces basaltic andesite blocks which is unreliable information. Basaltic andesite is mined exclusively at our open-cast, and is not sold to anyone else. Be careful when choosing a supplier of wall blocks as in most cases the written information is not true.



Attention! Unconscientious partners

Construction and installation Department No. 1 (SMU1).

In 2017, SMU1 borrowed products from Terehovskiy ZBI JSC, and, as of July 2018, it has not paid for the products even partially having violated thereby the terms of the supply agreement. The appeal to the court resulted in logical decision to collect the debt and issuance of the writ of execution, but the debtor continues to evade payments.

The writ of execution was sent to the Department of bailiffs for the Ussuriysk city district for the purpose of the judgment execution.

According to the Director of SMU1, the reason of impossibility of the debt repayment lies in non-receipt of money from the customer. The customer of SMU1 is the construction company “Alliance-Story”, the contractor known in Ussuriysk.