View of Terekhovsky Plant from the west part of the crater of Baranovsky volcano

View of Terehovskiy Plant from the west part of the crater of Baranovsky volcano

The basis of Terehovskiy blocks is basaltic andesite(intermediate difference between andesite and basalt). It is porous volcanic stone with excellent building performance: in relative lightness (specific weight ~2.5), it is characterized by high strength, low water absorption and heat conductivity.

basaltic andesite  Водопоглощение материалов

Natural origin of basaltic andesite is the guarantee of its ecological safety. Radiological examinations also confirm complete radiological safety of the material: it is classified among the 1st (the highest) class construction materials with the scope of the use “without restrictions”.

Complete cycle production is arranged in “Terehovka” beginning from the stage of extraction of raw materials at the own open-cast. The open-cast is located near the Baranovsky volcano which is several million years old.

Барановский карьер

Погрузка породы

Basaltic andesiteis quite deep rock; heavy equipment and blasting operations are used for extraction.

After extraction, the rock is crushed into smaller fractions turning into ballast stone as a result.Then, the ballast stone is crushed into fine-grained chippings, mixed with water and cement in the required proportions using industrial shaker, and fed to manufacturing lines.


Каменная крошка

Products of Terehovskiy plant are manufactured by semidry vibration compaction that allows obtaining products characterized by high frost resistance and low water absorption.

Products manufactured using automated vibrating press are characterized by geometric fidelity and stability of basic performance parameters.

Производственный корпус

Производственные линии


It is important to emphasize that Terehovskiy plant is one of the few enterprises in Russia with completely automated production of construction materials. A very few operators work directly at the lines carrying out control over the equipment operation. This allows increasing significantly the finished product quality and minimizing the human factor.

Finished products obligatory harden in the special chamber for preliminary maturing – a room with fixed established parameters of temperature and humidity. Then, samples from each lot are tested in the in-house accredited laboratory.

Испытания продукции 

Upon issuance of the quality certificate, products are sent to customers.

Склад готовой продукции