Wall basaltic andesite euroblock

“Euroblock” is two-core wall stone extensively used by builders in Europe and North America. Large cells provide for excellent heat insulation and low weight of the block. Absence of the usual “bottom” reduces the consumption of matrix laid around the perimeter and on the end faces of the block only (see video for block works with “euroblock”). Cells of the block remain cored in laying, but they may be reinforced and filled with the matrix, if necessary, for example, for strengthening the building angles or doorways; in this case, blocks with reinforced cells will serve as bearing pillars.

“Euroblock” may be used for erection of self-bearing walls in low-rise construction (up to 2 floors) or for laying additional row of the wall made of “classic” wall block. “Euroblock” is suitable for separation walls/room dividers, and for ventilation channels of low-rise buildings.

For convenience of laying these blocks, bandaging (“half”) blocks are manufactured.

Identification code: КСР-ПР-ПС-39-50-F50-1050;

GOST 6133–99;

Dimensions: 390×190×188 mm.;

Water absorption: 8,79%;

Heat conductivity: 0,35 W/m°C

Pieces per pallet: 72;

Frost resistance: F50;

Mean density: 1050 kg/m³;

Identification mark according to strength: М50;

Mass: ~15 kg

Price: 46 RUB.

Экологический знак соответствия Экологическая маркировка ОС МЭФ



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