Order and delivery

Purchase directly from the manufacturer

In order to secure its customers against buying falsified low-quality construction materials, Terehovskiy Plant allows purchasing its products to any customer directly from the manufacturer.

Download the price-list for all products of the Plant  (pdf)

Download the price-list for Four-cored wall block made of siftings “Econom” (pdf)

In order to make an order, use any convenient way:


  • Call us by the phone


- in Vladivostok: +7(423) 230-12-18, 230-12-19;

- in Terehovka: +7(42334) 3-47-85.

  • Come to our office

- in Vladivostok: 6, Mordovceva Str. (entrance from the courtyard, 6th floor);


Access plan...

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- in Terehovka: station Baranovskiy, 1, Topolinaya Str. (to the left of the entrance control post of the plant).

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  • Send online-request. 

    Use the feedback form in order to send us a message directly from the website.

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You may pick up the ordered materials without assistance directly from the plant, or use the services of our delivery. Delivery by motor vehicles both without the crane (if you can unload blocks at the location without assistance) and with the crane (if you need the “key-ready” delivery with unloading) is available.

The cost of delivery depends on the distance. Our specialists will specify exact sums prior to ordering.