Terehovskiy concrete product plant operating in the Primorsky region is the manufacturer of unique construction materials made of basaltic andesite for construction of buildings of any number of floors.

The plant was built by Finnish and Russian specialists in 1991 in Terehovka village, Primorsky region, in close proximity to the only open-cast of basaltic andesites in the Far East. This volcanic subsurface rock combines the lightness and strength, does not absorb moisture (that is critically important for construction in wet climate), and is environmentally friendly and safe natural material.

In addition to wall, partition, and ventilation blocks made of basaltic andesite, Terehovskiy plant manufactures several types of flagstone, kerb, and footpath edging.

Availability of its own open-cast allows Terehovskiy plant offering reasonable prices for its products to the consumers; and the possibility to buy the required construction materials in any amount directly from the manufacturer allows you not only to save money, but also is a guarantee of the product quality and protection from a counterfeit.

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